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Our company's services

CNC 3D plasma and gas cutting

One of the most modern machines that we use in processing is CNC High Definition 3D plasma cutter.

Dimensions of the plasma work table are 2.5 x 12 m. Using such state-of-the-art HD technology we are able to manufacture workpieces with accuracy similar to that of a laser.

The machine is equipped with mechanical and electronic elements that guarantee its reliability and high efficiency.

Bending and straightening

We provide services in bending and straightening of metal plate workpieces, tubular profiles and sections of various dimensions. Thanks to appropriate bending machines we are able to manage orders individually and in batches. We accept individual orders.

Bending of carbon steel
  • bending edge length: 3,000 mm
  • bending of plates 2-8 mm thick (on entire working length)

We have invested in the most modern welding equipment to be able to meet the requirements of our most demanding customers. All welding is performed using PULSE technology and is always supervised by an IWE welding engineer.

Structure sandblasting

We accept orders to sandblast structures regardless of their size, level of contamination and type of surface to be cleaned. We have a well-developed and equipped technical and workshop facilities, thanks to which we can process both small and large structures.

We use corundum, sand, glass, soda and other substances for mechanical cleaning.


We have many years of experience in paint spraying large steel structures. The size of our paint shop enables us to paint large structures of maximum dimensions 40 × 12 × 4 m. We use only approved epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic products. The quality of our services is ensured by our Quality Control personnel.

Plate bending

As far as basic plastic working of metals is concerned, our company offers professional bending of carbon steel plates. Our employees perform any contracts related to bending plates with a rolling mill. Our services are of highest precision and accuracy.

We bend plates of various dimensions. All elements meet the following requirements:

EVO 26139 rollers:

- four-roller plate bending machine,

- maximum width of elements that can be processed by the machine W=2,500 mm,

- ability to bend plates that are 45 mm thick (for steel with the yield strength of 260 N/mm2) using the entire working length of the rollers;

- calibration allowing to minimise flat ends to lowest values;

- with the upper replaceable roller Ø420 mm we can produce a drum with 470 mm in diameter, depending on resilience;

- with the upper replaceable roller Ø335 mm we can produce a drum with 385 mm in diameter, depending on resilience.

Systems for separation and purification of liquids and gases

Our products include systems for the purification of household and industrial sewage and systems for the separation of various chemical compounds. We propose the creation of complete process lines to be used in the separation of various chemical compounds in production processes for food, chemical and heating industries, and for membrane filtration processes: from microfiltration, through ultrafiltration and nanofiltration to reverse osmosis.

We develop technologies and build systems in accordance with the needs of our customers, for various capacities and in various sizes, from small pilot structures to large industrial systems.