CNC 3D plasma and gas cutting

One of the most modern machines we use in processing is a CNC High Definition 3D plasma cutting machine. The plasma is equipped with a 2.5 x 12 m work table. Using an innovative HD technology enables us to manufacture workpieces with accuracy similar to laser quality. The machine is equipped with mechanical and electronic elements that guarantee reliability and high performance.

Sheet metal rolling

When it comes to basic plastic working of metals, our scope of services includes professional rolling of carbon steel sheets. Our personnel will complete any orders related to forming metal sheets with a rolling mill. Our services are characterised by highest precision and accuracy.

We perform rolling of metal sheets of different dimensions. All rolled workpieces meet the following requirements:

  • maximum thickness of carbon steel sheet – 12 mm,
  • maximum width of carbon steel sheet – 3,000 mm.

Bending and straightening

We provide services in the scope of bending and straightening metal sheet workpieces, tubular profiles, and sections of various dimensions. We have appropriate bending machines which enable us to handle individual orders as well as batch production. We carry out individual orders.


In order to meet even the most demanding Customers' expectations, we have invested in modern welding equipment. All welding is performed using PULSE technology and is supervised by an IWE welding engineer.

Sandblasting of the structures

We accept orders for sandblasting regardless of the size of the structure, its level of contamination, and the type of cleaned surface. We have appropriately equipped and developed technical and workshop back which enables us to process small and large-volume structures.

In mechanical cleaning we use:

  • corundum,
  • sand,
  • glass,
  • soda, etc.


We have many years of practical experience in the field of painting large-volume steel structures using spraying method. We have a paint shop which enables us to paint structures as large as 40 x 12 x 4 m. We use only reliable epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic products. Quality Control personnel ensures constant quality of our services.