Tender procedure no. 1/2016/WRPO

Project title:
Use of an assembly of innovative technological solutions in Rawi Met sp. z o. o.
Project value:
2 041 800,00 zł
Amount of co-financing:
581 000,00 zł

The project includes purchase of an assembly of machines: a plasma cutting machine, 6 welding stations in order to enable using a variety of technological solutions. The company is expanding the plant by a cutting and chamfering station for sheets and sections using plasma technology based on pan/tilt 3D head. It will enable the plant to complete the tasks related to preparation workpieces for the welding department effectively. The company is also going to create 6 welding stations which will use innovative welding machines. Their technology will be based on arc welding using speedcold method and Q-Data welding process.

The main goal of the project is to boost the use of innovations in the company by intensification of investment activity which aims to increase the company's competitiveness in the regional and national market.

In accordance with WRPO strategic targets, completion of the project will contribute to the development of innovation – in the scope of products (new and improved services and products), processes (modification of processes and service provision) and organisation – on the company, local, and national level.

The project will also contribute to a considerable increase in products offered so far and, consequently, an increase in the company's market share. It will directly result in expansion of the company's scope of offered products and services and increase in revenue.

As a part of the project, innovative product, process, and organisation technologies will be used. Operating expenses will be lower due to optimising production and reduced material use. Financial ratios of the company will be improved and product sales will increase. This means economic growth of the region. Realisation of the project results from the needs of the applicant, market and recipients. It means a possibility to implement new technologies and innovative technological solutions. The project is a part of the company's development strategy in the country and abroad. It has been included in the company's expansion plan.

The project will result in creating 7 new workplaces. In short term, the investment will enable sales of new/improved products and services on the highest technological level. Completion of the project will enable the company to improve its competitiveness, become the leader of the industry, and fill the market niche in the scope of the application.

The project is realised as a part of Priority Axis 1: Innovative and competitive economy, Activity 1.5 Improving competitiveness of companies Subactivity 1.5.2 Improving the competitiveness of the key areas of the economy of the region of Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme for years 2014–2020 co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund.